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We can obtain your file under Data Protection law and peruse this in detail to establish if your case has been properly handled and whether the appropriate Child Support law and procedure has been applied historically.


We can identify any errors or anomalies in the case history file and even those that fall outside the usual CSA/CMS timescale restrictions may be addressed even if a number of years have elapsed.


If you have a CSA case due for closure and you have any issue with it, the time to act is now.


Please be aware that if you did have any CSA case(s) prior to October 2012, all access to the historical files will cease in the near future as the Government close down the CSA computer records system.

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Sadly, due to time-wasters and non payers who have taken advantage of our advice service we now ask for an intial consultation fee of £85.

This fee includes a free, written overview of your situation and our considered, and comprehensive advice on how you can take matters forward; with signposting and guidance to other sources of help and information if any of your issues fall outside our service.


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Agreeing child support after separation, or many years later, is an emotive issue


Every case is different; what might work for your friend, your colleague or someone whose story you read online may NOT work for you


You DO have options; a private agreement might work for you, or you may prefer to use the statutory CMS service

We are a completely independent advice service and we can help you work out the best way forward for your children and you


Using the Child Maintenance Service or dealing with the Child Support Agency is often a confusing or difficult process.

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*Did you know that you have a legal right to representation and that someone can deal with the Child Support Agency and/or the Child Maintenance Service on your behalf?


We know that the potentially high cost of professional legal advice is a great concern for you; The last thing you need when dealing with the fall out from child support and access issues is to be landed with an unexpected bill to pay.

Your first call to us; and a quick response to any general child support query is free of charge

Complex and case specific queries need more time so that we can give you considered advice tailored to your exact situation.


Chances are that if you need the help, advice and support offered by our service there may be no instant solution to your problem, but we can give you a number of options on how to move forward toward resolution of your particular child support issues.


One full, in depth consultation might be sufficient and you can move forward confidently with our advice.


Costs depend on the questions you have and the assistance you might need, but to advise and represent you and deal with CSA or the new CMS on your behalf (including ALL correspondance and contact with CSA/CMS) we charge a fixed, monthly retainer fee of only £85.00 whilst we help resolve your issues.There is no formal contract and there is nothing to sign.


If you need our help to present your case at an Appeal Tribunal, or assistance in dealing with critical Legal Enforcement matters, we will quote you a single one-off fixed fee upfront so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not to instruct us.


We will never send you an unexpected bill.





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If you need some assistance and guidance in dealing with proceedings in the Family Court, you might consider seeking the expert advice of a McKenzie Friend; someone who can support and help you present your case effectively to the Court.


To speak to a McKenzie Friend about your case try this useful link here